Corn flour dish with cheese – easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious

Corn flour, rice, a little cheese, and a delicious meal are ready. You can eat Corn flour dish with cheese separately, and it is also delicious mixed with sauces and even meat dishes. Corn flour dish is called Ghomi in my homeland.

Have you tried Italian polenta, African ugali, or Chinese kanji? They are all made from corn flour, Just like Georgian Ghomi, but their tastes differ from each other. Ghomi is from Samegrelo, which is one of the regions of Georgia and is famous for its delicious dish

Corn flour dish is made from corn flour and cobs grits in Georgia. Cobs grits are coarsely ground corn. Since you can’t get it in all countries, you can substitute it with rice. However, be careful to buy round and sticky.


cheese -Mozzarella and feta
water - 2 l
Corn flour - 100 g
Rice - 400 g

Preparing corn flour dish with cheese- Ghomi

Pour water into the pot, add rice, and add a little salt; Put it on medium heat, when it boils, turn it down to low heat and leave it to cook. When the rice will be well cooked, add the flour. Note that the amount of water should be sufficient; Stir the rice continuously with a wooden spoon or a special wooden stick, while adding flour in small portions with the other hand. When it is so thick that the spoon will stand freely on its own for a few seconds, it means that there is enough flour and now it needs to be soaked. To do this, leave it on very low heat, covered, for 30-40 minutes.

After 30-40 minutes you can divide it among the plates and put cheese in each of them.

Note that the Ghomi is brought to the table immediately after removing it, however, you can transfer it from the plate to the pan and fry it late.

The cornmeal dish goes very well with Georgian Baje, you can eat it with Satsivi or Kharcho as well.

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